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Water caches

Water caches along the
Israel National Trail and all around the Negev Desert

Lifts to Hiking Trails

Lifts to the beginning
and at the end
of the hike

All logistics needed during your travel


Caravan Glamping

Glamping is where stunning desert nature meets modern luxury

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About me- Yanir

My name is Yanir Yagel, I'm 30 years old, grew up in a KIBBUTZ at the northern part of Israel.

Today I live at the southern part of Israel- in the desert.

I walked the Israel National Trail for 4 times myself and wrote a traveler guide about it.

As I walked along the INT, I realized that there is lack of water in the desert area, which makes tracking the trail, especially for TOURISTS much more complicated.

so I established my business, "Yanir's desert", and today I help thousands of travelers every year, from Israel and abroad, to travel the Israel National Trail in a smarter and safer way.

David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, once said that "in the Negev, the people of Israel will be tested."

The Negev (desert of Israel) is a test, and without the help of someone you can trust, getting along is difficult and sometimes impossible.

I'm here for you- for any question or anything you need.

You are more than welcome to contact me.


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